The Gym

At Like2Lift we have a variety of the best Strength & Conditioning equipment in the UK, along with a friendly welcome, great atmosphere and a team that specialises in everything from fat loss to sports performance.

Join Like2Lift today, we can help tailor a bespoke programme that works for you, whatever your goal.

Gym Membership


Join online by clicking the “Join Here” tab at the top right, you will get an email with an access code to get you into the gym.

Gym Opening Times

Mon-Fri 6am-9pm

Weekends 10am-3pm

Equipment List


Eleiko XF Competition Bar 20kg

Eleiko Competition Bar 20kg

Women’s Olympic Lifting Bar 15kg

Eleiko Powerlifting Bar 20kg (rated to 1500kg)

Texas Powerlifting Bar 20kg (rated to 680kg)

Hex (or trap) Bar

Swiss Bar

Plus a variety of cheaper barbells.

Eleiko Competition Weightlifting set from 2.5kg to 25kg

Various Weightlifting sets from to 25kg

Barbell plate weight totalling over 1000kg

Dumbbells from 1kg to 50kg

Competition Kettlebells from 8kg to 32kg

Various Stand Alone Benches

1 Competition Standard Eleiko Bench & Squat Stand

2 Barbell Benches

1 Power Rack

2 Squat Racks

A variety of bands ranging from 2.2kg to 68kg

Slam medicine balls from 1kg to 15kg

Gymnastic Rings


Push/Pull Sled

Hip Thruster

Glute Ham Raise

Various Height Blocks

Various plate loaded machines including chest press, leg press, mid and upper row, leg extension, smith machine, shoulder press and hamstring curl

Cardio equipment including a VersaClimber, Treadmill, Spin Bike and Cross Trainer

Strongman Equipment:

Plate Loaded Farmers Walk 45k per hand

Non Adjustable Farmers 70kg per hand

Axle Bar 30kg

Yoke 60kg

Atlas Stones 85kg, 105kg, 120kg, 135kg, 160kg and 195kg

Circus Dumbbell 35kg

Car Deadlift

Truck Tyre 350kg

Oak Tree Log - 120kg

Plate Loaded Log 60kg

Plate Loaded Log 80kg


For more information call Charlie on 07929 071801. Alternatively complete our enquiry form and we will call you back.



Like2Lift Gym is based in Redhill, Surrey. Click here for more information including directions and opening times.


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