Welcome to Like2Lift Gym in Redhill, Surrey.

We are committed to taking the best of what’s currently on the market to create a unique strength, power and conditioning gym experience! Our ethos is about employing the advances in modern sports science, whilst retaining an ‘old school’ train hard mentality to help you maximise your potential and reach your personal goals. Read more >


We train current professional athletes in strength & conditioning for their sport, however we are not just a gym for them. We provide a professional friendly atmosphere to help you focus on your fitness goals whether you are competing or just want to be healthier.  

We “Like 2 Lift” using weight bearing exercises to burn calories, make you faster, stronger and all together a healthier unit.  We truly believe our gym has the best equipment to help you achieve real results at the most competitive price.  We give a FREE introduction to all our members and hope you will enjoy joining us for a great training experience like no other.


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